Terms of Sale

If you purchase any of our softwares, your purchase is considered final.
Unfortunately, we do not issue refunds.

Itʼs important to remember a few things about the products we sell. Most of the time, people buy a product, like Data Rescue, to recover their drive or deleted files. In many cases, this is the only time they need to use the product and therefore for some customers itʼs a one-time only type of a use. Of course, you can use Data Rescue on your computer and your drive more than once, but many times customers begin to back up after a major hard drive problem and therefore their need for a drive recovery tool is vastly reduced.

Your decision to purchase or upgrade is assumed to be conscious. If you purchase any of our software, it is assumed you have already tried our free demo version of the software and have been satisfied with the results you have received.

Notice: Data Rescue Users

Please keep in mind, the free demo for Data Rescue allows you to run a full scan as you would the paid version and preview what is in fact recoverable before buying. This allows you to determine if the software has met your needs.

*Purchasing the software after you have ran the free demo without success of seeing your needed files will not change your purchase results.

Terms of Delivery

Once your order for our software has been processed successfully, your registered activation serial number and download link will be emailed to you. (Processing in some cases may take up to 20 minutes)

Donʼt see the email? Check your junk folder! Still donʼt see it Contact Us! We will help you out.

Upgrade Policy

Like everything else, things need to be upgraded to the latest version. Our software is upgraded to meet your system needs. If you have been a long time customer, we appreciate you! You know that you receive upgrade discounts right?

Upgrades for Data Rescue 5 are eligible and limited to Data Rescue 4 users. Drive Genius 5 upgrades are eligible and limited to Drive Genius 4 users.