Prosoft Engineering Data Privacy Policy Notice

We at Prosoft Engineering, Inc. value our customer’s data privacy. It is our goal to ensure that personal information is collected only as needed to offer our services and products to our customers. The data is used for our internal purposes only and is never sold to third parties. Where possible, data is aggregated and made anonymous such that it cannot be associated with any individual.


The purpose of this Data Privacy Policy is to provide our users with the understanding as to what, when, how, and why personal information may be collected, stored and used within our website and our products.

This Privacy Policy has been developed in accordance with the applicable state and federal laws of the United States and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). This document contains details of what data is collected and how the data is used. Reach out to us with additional questions, requests for data modification, subscription services, and request for deletion from our system at

Personal Data Consent

You are accessing Prosoft’s website right now and, if you have not yet typed in any personal information, we have not saved any of your personal information. By continuing to access our websites, providing personal information, purchasing and using our products, you are consenting to the usage of your personal data as defined in this document. If you do not agree or do not wish to consent to these policies, please do not seek or use our products. As with most software purchases, our refund policies are very strict (please see


Though Prosoft reserves the right to modify these policies from time to time, the underlying intentions will not change. And, as always, you can contact us at at any time to inquire about changing your personal information settings.

Information Collected and How It Is Used

We, like most online merchants, collect name, address and credit card information through a trusted credit card processing agency for the purpose of conducting business. Prosoft does not keep a copy of this information, though the processing agency may keep this information in a secure environment for the express purpose of renewal and/or follow-up processing. This data is never sold or distributed. For data privacy policies, options, and links on the processing agency, please contact

Prosoft does keep name, address and email address information of its customers (along with the serial numbers of all Prosoft products purchased) to be able authenticate our customers within our system. Though this information is stored in a secure environment and is never sold, it is made available to our support and sales staff to be used only in response to customer inquiries, for the purpose of verification of identity. Prosoft shares customer mailing addresses with trusted shipping agencies (US Post Office, UPS, DHL etc.) for the purpose of delivering physical goods to our customers. This information is never sold or redistributed. To delete or change your mailing address, please contact

Prosoft keeps email information collected during the purchase process and newsletter signup process for the purpose of distributing helpful product information (including the availability of new or updated products), as well as special curated offers from Prosoft that are thought to be helpful to our users. Delivery options (including opt-out) can be found at the bottom of any Prosoft Engineering, Inc. sent email or contact us at and we’ll remove your information at your request.

Prosoft collects anonymous analytic information within our products as the customer uses them. This is for the purposes of improving the products and their interaction with our users. Prosoft securely stores a portion of this information in an anonymous, aggregated form that cannot be traced back to any personal information or individual identity.

Sharing Personal Data

All data, personal or otherwise, that is provided by our customers and collected by our systems is used for the singular and express purpose for our products to operate properly, securely and safely for our users, and is never shared with the following exceptions:

We communicate with the above agencies in an encrypted channel with the understanding that they do not re-use or sell your information. Each agency has their own standard data privacy policies that you can review. Contact for more details.

Data Storage and Security

All stored customer data is stored at one or more of Prosoft Engineering, Inc.’s secure facilities, or at a trusted data storage agency under contract. In all cases, all data is protected by best-practices security provisions including firewalls, VPN, and encryption technologies. All data is protected by secure backup facilities in multiple locations where possible. All practices and contracts are annually reviewed for vendor selection at which time compliance validation occurs. All data is currently stored in the United States.

Our customers have the right to remove their personal information from our data storage at their request, with the understanding that doing so (in some cases) may make it impossible to continue to benefit from Prosoft’s products and services. Contact for more details and options.

Duration of Data Storage

The data collected and stored by Prosoft remains in storage until one of two events takes place:

  1. The data is no longer deemed valuable to the operations of our products.
  2. The user requests removal of the data from Prosoft’s storage.

After the data is marked for removal, it goes through stages of removal as follows:

  1. Within 30 days, the data is no longer used by the company and/or agencies. This means you will no longer receive emails, notifications, or communications from Prosoft. At this time, in response to a full-deletion of your data, and since you are no longer recorded in our system, your Prosoft products will no longer work.
  2. Within 90 days, data is purged from company and agencies systems. Time may be much faster, but agencies have their own policies that vary.
  3. Within 1 year, all backups of stored data must be purged and destroyed. To request deletion of data, contact us at for more details and options.

Personal Data Rights

You have a choice. All personal data collected by Prosoft can be managed, edited and deleted at your request. Contact for more details and options.

Data Profiling and Use

At Prosoft, personal data is routinely used for authentication during the usage and support of our products. It is also used during the delivery of special offers, update notifications, and tips on the usage of our software (if you are subscribed to such services). Your information is automatically filtered to provide you with relevant content… for example, we will not send you update notifications to software you are not registered to use. Contact for more subscription services, details and options.

Web Tracking

The Prosoft website, like most commercial sites, routinely uses web tracking mechanisms (including cookies) to collect information about activities on the site to enable certain situational behaviors. For example, if you have an item in your Prosoft cart, cookies allow that information may be persistent if you briefly move to another site and come back to conclude your transaction. Your web browser may have provisions for you to view or block cookies. If you block them, many websites (including Prosoft) may not work properly or as intended.

Posts, Blogs, and Testimonials

There may periodically be opportunities to submit information (including personal information) for the purpose of being displayed on our site. Such information is provided at your own risk. By submitting this information through its associated web form, you are assuming all risk and liability for this data as it cannot be protected from the public to view and use in any way. Please do not provide private information in any form that will result in being displayed to the public. We can remove posts that has been made in error, please contact for options.

Similarly, Prosoft reserves the right to block or delete posts the contain one or more of the following:

External Links

The Prosoft website may periodically contain links to additional information that may be of interest to our customers. Unless expressly indicated, these links do not necessarily constitute an endorsement of any product or service mentioned, offered or endorsed on those sites. Though we curate the information to which we link, we cannot be held responsible for the content therein (things can change rapidly outside of our purview). Use good judgement in accessing any external content and if you see something that you feel is a problem, please let us know through the comment mechanism defined below.

Questions and Comments

Your privacy is important to us, but we may not have thought of everything, so if you have additional questions, comments and suggestions about data privacy, please email us at and your concern will be forwarded to our team. You can choose to do this anonymously (in which case you should not expect a response), or supply a response address to start a private dialogue.