Benefits to Cloning Your Mac Hard Drive

I worked with a customer today that was looking to simplify her life. She was a Drive Genius 3 owner and interested in learning more about the clone feature. She had used it to clone her own hard drive before (for backup purposes), but also had 3 other Macs in her house that she needed to maintain. Her first question was whether or not she had to buy additional licenses for those 3 other Macs. I reassured her that our licensing policy allows you to use your single user license on all the Macs that you personally own.

Problems with the Startup Disk

She was testing out her startup disk and had called us since it was taking a lot longer than usual and the SuperDrive was making a lot of noise. She had a newer iMac that was purchased in the latter part of 2011. She was not sure if the Drive Genius 3 disk would startup all the macs that she had. The other macs she owned were both MacBook Pros which were older than the iMac. I asked her if she could make a bootable clone of her iMac in the house, and then that clone should startup all the macs in her house since it was the newest mac. I showed her the step by step directions from our website.

Cloning Your Mac Hard Drive to Boot All Your Macs

At the conclusion of our phone call she was very pleased to now have the ability to boot all 3 of her Macs with her Clone she created with Drive Genius 3. It was just one of many features she was very impressed with.

How to Create a Bootable Clone

This process is easy and all you need is a external hard drive to make it. I also ran through some of the steps for how to maintain her Macs using Drive Genius 3.