Cloning a Windows Hard Drive - Data Rescue PC3

I spoke with a customer who had some questions about using Data Rescue PC 3 to clone a Windows hard drive. He originally had a internal hard drive on a PC that got infected with a virus. He cleaned it as much as possible and wanted to remove his data before he formatted his drive. His intent was to make a clone, however he ended up making a big mistake instead.

Accidentally Restored HD to Factory Settings

He accidentally chose to restore his entire drive to a factory format. When he realized what he had done, he stopped the process but the drive was not bootable. Fortunately he was already an owner of Data Rescue PC3, so he decided to contact our support team to get further assistance. Prosoft offers free pre & post technical support.

Cloning Using Data Rescue PC3

I helped him to clone the drive to another drive. This was a long process as the internal drive is 1TB drive. He cloned the drive to a folder on his external drive following the instructions I gave him as I walked him through the steps. We also offer email support as well as an online users manual for Data Rescue PC3. We have also compiled a list of FAQs for customers to reference.

Still No Data

He could not figure out how to scan that image file to retrieve his data. We directed him to restore the raw data to a drive and then scan that image to recover his info from the drive. He was pleased with my help and successfully was able to retrieve his data.

Data Rescue PC 3 is $99 and available to download immediately.